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Message from the Principal


"First Student and Unifor have ratification and full acceptance of a labour agreement.  All home-to-school buses in Grey-Bruce are scheduled to run their normal schedule on Thursday May 21st."

Summer Jobs For Students
Below is a link to Summer Student Job Service material. Students can now register on a Job Board and see the open Summer Jobs available at this time.  They can apply to them on this site.

Here is the link:

Safe and Accepting Schools Survey

Boards across Ontario are required to conduct anonymous school climate surveys of their students (Grades 4-12), parents, and school staff at least once every two years.  A safe, inclusive and accepting school environment is essential for student success and well-being. The data collected from these surveys helps to inform school and board planning aimed at preventing bullying and harassment.  Students and staff will be completing the survey electronically between April 20th and May 25th. Student participation is not mandatory, and if you do not wish your child to participate please notify us in writing.
We are asking you to complete a survey as well. The parent survey is available online between April 20th and May 25th and can be accessed through following the link

The required Access Code for Kincardine District SS is 2-TWH-373-M

KDSS Yearbook News:
Families who would like to order the 2014-15 KDSS Yearbook can do so, online, until the end of APRIL.  The yearbook is produced by the Yearbook Class which convenes in Semester 2.  The cost is $40 and only students who pre-order will receive a yearbook.
The link to order is:
You may also purchase a yearbook through our SchoolCashOnline account.
Yearbooks will be distributed during the first week of school, in September, and will be available at Commencement, in October, for graduates.

BWDSB Multi-Year Strategic Plan
The BWDSB multi-year strategic plan is being reviewed for current relevence. To assist with the review, a survey is available until April 24, 2015 at the following link:
The survey, which is preceded by a brief introduction video, consists of 10 questions that will help determine Bluewater District School Board's goals and priorities for the next 3-5 years. All stakeholders are invited to participate including parents/guardians, students, staff, and community members.

KDSS Online Course Selection Information

2015/16 Course Selection at KDSS is done on line at: https:\\ ALL students must register online for their courses next year and all graduating students who are not returing to KDSS must register online and indicate that they will NOT be returning.   Course selections are due no later than Friday, March 13, 2015.

The Instructions for registering online are available in the following PDF you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file: Course request instructions 2012-13.pdf   Guidance Counsellors will be meeting with all Block A classes in a computer lab to help students with this process.  If you need assistance, please see Connie Osadca at the main office to make an appointment with your Guidance Counsellor.

Students are also encouraged to use my Blueprint as an aid in planning for the future.  Check out to set up your account.  As part of the in school process, all students will meet with a Guidance counsellor in order to set up an account, and all students are encouraged to continue this process at home.

2015 / 2016 Course Calendar; Check out pathways, prerequisites and course descriptions for all programs offered at KDSS:

KDSS Course Calendar 2015-16.pdf

After you have selected your courses, don't forget to click "submit", then click "report", then "print".  Please drop off the printed copy, signed by a parent to the Guidance office.

Parent Engagement

Here are some great resources on parent engagement.

A Guide To Cyberstalking: What You Need To Know To Stay Safe Online

The websites below are a good resource for information on cyberstalking. Parents and students are encouraged to learn the steps to staying safe in an online environment.

An Important Message from Canadian Blood Services
Dear Parents,
For the last several years, KDSS has joined with Canadian Blood Services in a program called Partners for Life.
Partners for Life (PFL) is a national program designed to secure annual commitment to the blood system through partnerships with corporations and community organizations. The program is mutually-beneficial as it builds the profile of member organizations within their respective communities, and fosters positive morale and a strong sense of community involvement among members. The focus of the program is on blood collection and participation is based on an annual commitment to donate.  In each of the last three years, KDSS members have donated over 30 units of blood.  This is something to be very proud of, and we are continually committed to saving lives through blood donation!
Here’s where you come in.  We are falling a little shy of our pledge this year and are hoping you can help.  Are you already a blood donor?  Then make your donation count by registering with the partnership.  Registration is simple and can be done online.  Click HERE to donate on behalf of KDSS    Have you never donated blood before?  It’s simple, takes only about an hour, and you’ll have a direct impact on the lives of others.  Did you know that when polled, 52% of Canadians say that they or a member of their family has needed blood or blood products?  There is no substitute for human blood and it can’t be stored on the shelf like a can of peas. In fact, some components of the blood have a shelf life of only 5 days, so it’s important that Canadian Blood Services collects blood every single day.  Cancer patients can use up to 8 units of blood per week during treatment and 50 units of blood could be needed to help just one car accident victim.  
Will you join our team of Life Savers?  There is a clinic every other month in Kincardine at the Davidson Centre from 1:00pm – 8:00pm.  Visit to book online or call 1 888 2DONATE (1 888 236 6283) if you have any questions about your eligibility to donate. 

School Cash Online
Please note:  KDSS is one of 10 Bluewater schools that are piloting a new online payment method for trips/teams fees/school fees/trips, etc. Whenever you need to pay money for a school item/event, please visit:


This service will be available as of MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 8th.  
If you have any questions, call 1-866-961-1803 or email for the Parent Help Desk.
Cheques will still be accepted, but the hope is that most parents will pay using the new online system.

Have a great year!

All Things KDSS

Please check out our course calendar for 2014-2015 located here KDSS Course Calendar 2014-15.pdf

Bus Cancellation Website
The Student Transportation Service Consortium of Grey-Bruce is pleased to announce that school bus cancellations, school closures and school event notifications are now publicly available on-line. A link to the cancellations website can easily be found on the Bluewater District School Board website at, or on the Consortium website at (follow the link named “Bus Cancellation Website”). Cancellations for our school will appear on the page named Zone 08 Kincardine. If you would like to automatically receive an email each time a new posting is made just press the “Follow” button at the bottom of the screen and enter your email address. You can also follow on Twitter and RSS.
Alternatively click on the link at left called School Bus Cancellations

School Immunizations
Please report to Public Health any dates when a vaccine was administered by emailing   or faxing 519-376-7782 or telephoning 519-376-9420

Membership in Home & School
It’s that time of year again to register as a member of the KDSS Home & School Association. We don’t fundraise aggressively and our presence in the hallways is very limited but it’s still a valuable experience. ~We meet the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm in the Library.

Think of it as a Win-Win-Win-Win situation.

Your Child gets:

  • Studies consistently show that kids with involved / engaged parents do better in school than those who don’t!
You get:

  • A bi-monthly invitation to find out what’s happening at KDSS.An opportunity to ask questions.
  • Have your say and know it has influence.
  • You can help decide on School Enrichment Initiatives (we have some money to spend).
  • Help deliver those same initiatives.
  • Acquaint yourself with staff for when you might need help.
  • Support the Provincial Association which advocates for all students.
KDSS gets:

  • Another informed voice helping shape policy.
  • Parent-Teacher involvement.
  • A stronger School Community.
H&S gets:

  • Strengthened “seat at the table”.
  • Differing opinions and ideas, a balanced discussion.
  • Capability to make a contribution.
Let Charlene Wilson (president), or Randall DeKraker (principal) know if you’re interested.~

It’s $15 for a Family Membership and includes membership at EMPS and HHPS if you wish.~ All $15 goes to the Ontario Federation of Home and School Associations who advocate for all students at the provincial level.

Grocery Tapes

Unfortunately the grocery tape program has ended. We thank everyone who brought their tapes to the school or put them in the box at Zehrs.

Fundscrip  2014-2015

Dear Parents of KDSS:

Every year KDSS organizes a fundraising program to raise much needed funds. The money we earn helps to pay for ‘extras’ not covered by the school budget.  We provide money for Campaigns: H&S, Robotics, Music, Outdoor Education Course, Environmental Sustainability Initiatives, Transportation, Trips, All Activities &
Sports: VB, BB, H (please put sport initial by your name when ordering).

To reach our fundraising goal, we have chosen FUNDSCRIP.   
FundScrip costs you nothing!

Picture this:  You make your usual visit to the grocery store.  You fill your cart and go to the check out. Instead of paying with cash or a debit card, you use a gift card that you purchased through our school. It costs you nothing extra but you just earned money for KDSS.  You can use FundScrip cards to purchase your everyday essentials such as groceries, gas and clothing. You can even use them at restaurants or for a cup of coffee.  Please go to to see the complete list of participating retailers.

How does FundScrip work?

All you have to do is buy gift cards from FundScrip for the stores where you already shop.  You spend the gift cards just like cash and in the process, earn money for KDSS campaigns.

The gift cards are the retailers own cards that are swiped at the cash.  The value of the purchase is automatically deducted from the value stored on the card.  Any remaining balance can be used for future purchases.

How to get started

How to Register:

Choose a Password
Agree to the Terms of Use
Click on Sign Up

How to Apply for EFT Payment:

You can apply for EFT (electronic funds transfer) and set up your online debit to pay for your orders from your bank account. EFT is the easiest way to pay for your orders*.

  • It’s a cheque but without the paper.
  • No transaction fees and no monthly fees.
  • FundScrip submits a debit to your bank account and then your financial institution Transfers’ the money electronically.
  • It’s private, safe and secure.
  • You can cancel the EFT payment service at any time.

Simply, download the EFT form when you register. Then fill out the form and fax us a copy (with the voided cheque attached) to the number indicated on the form. You can also scan and email the form to . You will receive an email when your EFT account has been activated.

How to Order:

Enter your Email and Password to Sign In
Click on Buy Cards button

Order schedule
Our group will be ordering every Thursday / Order deadline is 9:30 a.m. Eastern

Order pickup

Orders will be available to pick up on Tuesdays at JB’s Lingerie

If you have any question please call
Carol Blake at 519-396-5170

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We are very excited to announce that we are one of the first schools in Bluewater District School Board to offer parents the convenience of paying online for school activities, field trips and sports events.
For safety and efficiency reasons, we want to reduce the amount of cash and cheques coming into our school. School related expenses will be available online for you to make payment for the next school year.
You can register for your online payment account now and payments will be accepted beginning September 8, 2014.  Click on the image below to get started.
Click here to register or login.

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6:00 PM-10:00 PM : PROM
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